Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Strawberry Swing...

I love stop animation. I wish I was better at it. And I wish Tyler had more classes in it. And I am determined to learn more about it, because it is instances like these that make me truly happy. I can't explain it, but I find myself inspired and completely and utterly captivated. This is beautiful.

Watch it in full screen to see all the details!


  1. you should teach me how to do stop-motion stuff. and rotoscoping. and then we can make movies all the time.

    and the polaroid uses special film but they still make it and its somewhat affordable. excitement!

  2. Woooaah that's sweet. Yeah, learn that shit Jimmy!

  3. strawberry swing is one of my favorite songs. it's on my xpn 885 countdown "desert island songs" list of top 10 songs i can't live without. thanks for sharing the video. i've never seen it.