Friday, July 31, 2009

Live Free or Die...

The treacherous NJ Rest stop...
Good Day. Long Day. But very very good day. New Hampshire is beautiful. I love that this state's motto is Live Free or Die. Christine's house is beautiful. Her parents are soooo nice. And her dog is kinda scary, but really really soft. Seriously New England is exceeding all expectations that I had. It is absolutely beautiful! After the 10 hour car ride full of nonstop traffic in Connecticut, crazy rest stops in New Jersey, and ridiculous singing of original songs by Corrie, Cait, and Keiran we arrived at our beautiful destination: NH. We were given the tour of Christine's old high school and town. Afterwards we went to the beach, played ski-ball, ate boardwalk pizza, attended Yankee Homecoming, and met some of her friends. Now off to bed for some shut eye because tomorrow we are getting up bright and early to go explore Boston!

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  1. i'm so glad you're here!!! boston will probably be exhausting cause we'll just walk all day, but hopefully you'll like it.