Saturday, July 11, 2009

Team Red

Had a loverly dinner with Sarah at Okini. We ate the Tempura Roll, Alaska Roll, Salmon Skin Roll, and Spicy Tuna (not pictured) Roll. The staff kept coming up and making references to us being a married couple. Sar and I just went with it... 
We then headed over to the Cocoa Perk coffee shop to see Matt Barry. He made us smoothies and Caitlin showed up to talk a little too. We may need to start up our own super hero squad, seeing as we all ended up wearing red shirts... unplanned of course. TEAM RED...UNITE!

In other news: I need a hair cut... baddddd.


  1. thanks for visiting. as you could have guessed, tonight's work was all types of stupid. i felt like i was just clocking some stupidity into my day of uselessness.
    you know, the usual.
    seeing you kids cheered me up.

  2. no problemo matthew. team red's got your back.... besides it was nice. i haven't hung out with anyone in awhile and that was the first time i ever got to see where you and liz work...