Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever...

Fact: When I was younger I used to eat strawberries like there was no tomorrow. Seriously... I went through them like they were gong out of style. It got to the point that my parents began telling me that the reason I had red hair was because of my excessive strawberry intake. And I believed them. I told anyone who asked me where I got my red hair, (strangers, relatives, teachers, friends, the produce man at the grocery store, seriously anyone), that it was because I ate so many strawberries. And I did it up until the age of 5... when Mrs. Sebastian, my kindergarten teacher, called home and told my parents it was probably time to explain to me that fruit couldn't change a person's hair color. To this day, even though my love of strawberries has died down to that of the average American, I still tell the occasional person that asks me how I got my bright red hair, in all seriousness: "Strawberries."

All three of the Dunn children trick or treated in the infamous strawberry costume pictured... Here I am with Dan-the-Man.

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