Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Little Piece of Americana...

Went to Knobels today. Drove Sarah, Cait, Kim, and Ellen. Seriously love how it is a pay as you go park... I feel like that's why it has lasted for over 75 years. And furthermore, all amusement parks should be like this. More people would go. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed roller coasters. 
And kettle corn. And chicken fries. And my friends.
And road trips where we laugh.
We did this last year... and I'm glad we've kind of turned it into a mini tradition. 
Here's to hoping next year's twice as fun!

Photos courtesy my wonderfully talented and beautiful friend: Miss Caitlin Weigel


  1. no, i didn't get much chance to watch the film. i was too preoccupied reading the write ups of the clothing.

    but, nonetheless, it was fantastic.
    thanks for the comment!

  2. i like your koji shirt. love, noelle