Sunday, May 3, 2009

And The Beat Goes On...

Today was a rather interesting day. I spent most/all of he morning indoors. Constantly waking up, attempting to start homework, and then just ending up taking naps periodically until 4:30 in the afternoon.  I took the broad street line to City Hall. Used my free interchange to board the Market Frankfurt line. Got off at 46th Street station.  Met/befriended a young Ethiopian woman. She knew of the restaurant I was going to and pointed me in the right direction. Ate delicious Ethiopian food in West Philly. Made me think of and miss my friend Liz. (She's Ethiopian and a wonderful listener.) Met a man outdoors who shook my hand and wanted to take a group picture of us. I wish I had remembered I had my camera and would have let him use mine.  Got a Stawberry Kiweeeee smoothie at Ben and Jerry's. Went and saw an Accapella concert featuring A Choired Taste and Broad Street Line. (Temple's female and male groups). It was packed. My friend Victoria was amazing!  Proceeded to sing 90's songs and sitcom themes in Caitlin and Alex's dorm. Pretending we were in an Accapella group of our own. Mostly just pretending we could actually sing though. Watched Stardust.

Broad Street Line... doing NSYNC proud...


  1. dear james:
    i feel like that man would have stolen your camera if you gave it to him. he kept talking about the wild west. he'd be into that outlaw thing.

    in other news, i can't wait until we start rehearsal on our controversial disney classics tour starring you as pocahontas.

  2. ahhh! i looooove nsync. brings back so many high school memories about my massive crush on justin timberlake.

    sounds like you had a good day! my boyfriend's always making friends with strangers too. some people just have that gift to talk to and make friends with anyone!

    thank you for your sweet sweet comment today, james! i do try to be positive and am mostly outgoing, but some days i'm just shy and cranky. haha! hope you're enjoying the rest of your weekend! :)