Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who Shaves Anymore?

My Last Couple Days... have been interesting. 
I'm still adjusting to being home, but I've:

-asked Mennonites for directions...
-not contracted Swine Flu...(success)
-had Neato Burrito
-driven on a mountain and saw a wild turkey
-been playing phone tag with my potential future employer.
-received an extra (FREE!) mcflurry while out with Laur and Carly
-driven to Kim's house and dropped off said free mcflurry...
-went to church for Ascension Thursday...
-almost died over Kim's enthusiasm while singing "On Eagles Wings"
-ordered Chinese-take out from my old favorite place
-watched the premier of So You Think You Can Dance with Kim (addicting!)
-visited my old art teacher...
-felt soooo old, because I didn't recognize a lot of kids from my high school...
-tried to take Trey to get his nails clipped with mom. Epic Failure! 
-learned Kim has never had to shave her legs because apparently Filipinos are hairless?
-reminisced in a classy upscale McDonalds with Kim and Jr.

-Tomorrow I'm up early again... mom and I are off to Saturday's Market and Liz and Molly's grad parties...
(Conversations with Kim)
K: "Show me your armpit hair..."
J: "NO! This is an upscale eatery and I'm gonna keep it classy"

(Disclaimer: Yes, Kim is wearing the same outfit she wore two days earlier... something she didn't want me to point out.)

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