Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yetis Romp on Moonbounces...

Yesterday I went to Saturday's Market in Middletown. My mom wanted to check it out so I had the pleasure of accompanying her... I got really hot and started to burn so I had to wait in the car while she finished looking at the vendors outside. Once inside though we saw one of our old neighbors selling things and got to catch up a little.  We then had lunch at the new St. Thomas Restaurant located in Lingelstown square. Mom had a greek wrap w/ Gazebo room dressing. And I had a Hamburger sub. I told her that Caitlin carries Gazebo Room in her purse at school... she really  liked that idea. 
I then took a 2 hour nap... that turned into a 3 hour nap. Picked Kim up and went to Liz and Molly's graduation party. It was nice seeing Mamma Smith. AND! best part: MOONBOUNCE! Well... that and Kim wore a romper... (a dress that wasn't actually a dress, but shorts--with pockets!) We had fun making fun of her. Liz read us her fourth grade story about a Yeti being raided. We had fried chicken and chocolate cake. Kim and I had some sushi at Okini... deep conversation ensued. We drove around still filled with deep stories and reflection. Tyler called... we hung out at his house and watched Practical Magic and 27 Dresses... I LOVE HIS CATS! and I am NOT a cat person. I went to bed... 
Today I went to church. Laur bought me a $5 Footlong. Mike just came home... he's picking up Trey today for the trial run dog ownership. He goes back to Philly tonight... now I'm off to ArtsFest with Kim and Tyler!
These were the gifts I made for Liz and Molly. I made cut out books from some old manuals I found at a flea market and then drew two pictures, both of Liz and Molly and placed on in each book.  This way even though they always have each other.

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