Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Zero To Hero In No Time Flat...

I missed watching Hercules with the 324 gang last night. It's ok though, we watched Power Rangers tonight. Besides, I need those long knock outs to reenergize from time to time. You know those days when you wake up relatively early and by the end of it you feel exhausted from the amount of work you've accomplished, even if you haven't accomplished all that much? That's exactly the kind of day I just had. And it isn't like I didn't get a lot accomplished, because I kind of did... it's more like I feel school narrowing down to an end and with it time running out and I can't help but be bombarded with thoughts of missing out on things to do before I leave. I think it's just nerves... that and it has been raining here for a few days. I haven't been outside for a while. Not in large increments at least. Anyways--point being-- I'm optimistic. I'm coming to terms with leaving school... because in reality it's only 4 months. 4 potentially excruciatingly long months... 4 potentially wonderful best summer of my life months. It's all in how I look at it. And seeing as how I'm not taking any summer classes, staying here is a little out of the question. Plus I miss my family. 
So for now I'm going to look forward and be positive. I'm going to be optimistic. I've learned a lot this first year of school... time to implement my knowledge back in Central PA for a little while. Wish me luck!

Update: Upon publishing this post I checked my University E-mail. Not only did I realize I forgot to turn in a Quiz today for English, but I also forgot to submit work for the student run art show, as well as the fact that I'm suppose to install things for tomorrow... only thing is, I'm suppose to go home. Stay positive... stay positive.

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  1. dearest james:

    you are the best.
    thank you for putting up with me, even when i'm threatening to "hulk out on technology".