Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Miss You TU...

I miss Temple. I miss the SAC. I miss J&H. I miss the security guards that talked to me as I walked into the building at 3 am, arms filled with art stuff. I miss walking through the halls of Tyler. Standing outside starring at Tyler and thinking, "wow-- I go here". I miss the smog. The crosswalk beeping. Temple Star and Temple Garden. Late night runs to 7-11. Liacorus Walk. The sun never setting on Temple University. I miss my friends. I miss the acappella disney sing-alongs most of all, because singing by myself in my room just isn't the same as it was in 324SW.


  1. you are too cute, my friend.
    i couldn't part with the squid when it came down to it.
    i love it. and i love you. i'm so excited to see you SO SOON!

  2. i guess my dad has a google account? this is corrie.

  3. hahahaha oh thom

    i miss TU too : / but this summer will be bearable because I know that in 3 short months we'll all be together again! anddddd we will HOPEFULLY see each other before then

  4. corrie... your post was mildly disturbing, until i realized it was you... and not your dad. hahaha

    yeah... it should be alright. I just really need to get a job and do something with my life for 4 months hahaha

  5. I miss a'cappella disney singalongs and you!