Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Batman to the Rescue!!!

So I just got home from Sarah's... we stayed and watched planet earth: fresh water after John and Kate... We were eating marylou's amazing italian wedding soup when BAMMMM something flew into the family room and hit the wall, flew out and then flew back in. 
What we thought was a bird turned out to be a bat! In sarah's house. Sarah and Liz ran into Sarahs room for protection. I attempted to get it outside using a swiffer wet jet mop. Fail. It just kept swooping down at me and flying circles around the kitchen. Sarah held up her leopard print blanket to block it from entering the rest of the house. Finally Liz caught it in a bowl and cutting board makeshift cage... we let it go outside. It was crazy... I felt like jeff corwin.

Quotes from Marylou: 
1) "If I have one more glass of wine you'll really see me be all I can be."
2) "Liz... I've decided I want your hair. Or I at least want to be able to play with it."
3) "You know Liz, when you put on that leopard print blanket and with your hair, you look like a queen."
4) "Jimmy--Sarah wants a baby. Wanna give it to her?!" *this was the most awkward for sarah and me*

(I love Marylou so much.)


  1. what came first- the thread or the blog?
    hahahaha, i love you. and i want to be bffs with this marylou character.

  2. marylou is sarah's mom and definitely one of my all time favorites...

    the thread. then the blog... but i added more. haha