Saturday, May 9, 2009

What a Drag...

May 6th I took the R5 to Thorndale with Caitlin. I enjoy train rides a lot. Sarah Daxton picked us up. I love her. She drove us home to Harrisburg. We got reall excited when we saw horse drawn buggies and sang songs from "Wicked" the entire way back.
I went to the CASA end of the year show. The theme this year was "Green" and it was wonderful. I miss all my old classmates so much.

I got to take Trey on a walk and see my family. Then I came back on the train. Stayed up all night and took my Art History Final. It was my birthday. Julie and Sam took me to Drexel to see Joe's show. It was magical. We were kinda a big deal there.
Pictures Courtesy of me, Caitlin, and Drexel (Fuse)

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