Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sweet Sweet Fantasy Baby...

The 324 gang and I took a trip to Mary's wonderful house! We rode the train out into the suburbs of Philadelphia.  Mr. and Mrs. Penxa met us and stuffed us into their cars. We had delicious hamburgers, hotdogs, pasta salad, cheese, crackers, fruit salad, chips, and dip.  It was glorious.  You never realize how much you miss red meat at college until you go back into the "real world" and have some.  Well, except if you're Julie, Liz, or Christine... because they don't eat meat, so I guess they don't think about missing it that often. And while I'm partial to anything seafood normally, I have to say--the food was delicious!
Also--you never realize how ridiculously bad "Glitter" is, until you've watched it with a group of friends that grew up in the 90's and semi-idolized Mariah Carey as kids.  She is ridiculous and no matter who defends her... that movie is on crack.
Liz (aka: Sporty Spice) was all smiles on the train ride...
The Penxa's house is so beautiful and full of baby Mary photos...
Ted is the smallest full-grown dog I have ever seen. He is less than 8 lbs. He is absolutely beautiful. And we became close friends. (As did he and Caitlin...)
Grandma Keiran mesmerized us all with her wonderful sketchbook full of all kinds of amazing drawings and memories...

Mary and I on the train back: excited to write her two 6 page papers and do my 2D Final project--both of which are due tomorrow.
It was a beautiful day. And it rained. I love rain.
We watched Glitter.
We made fun of Glitter.
Ate great food.
Met Mary's Gram and Pop.
Met Ted.
Brought home an assortment of Mary's VHS collection...
(including Page Master, Hercules, and Power Rangers.)

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