Thursday, April 23, 2009

Act Like Tippi Hedren in Birds!!!

This is what happens when you have your friends (Caitlin and Keiran) help you take down and spray your drawing final... We follow it up with a jungle dance or two and end up on the floor because we are out of breath and out of shape...
When we finally recovered, we took down this massive drawing. Caitlin was such a good friend, getting pastel allll over her clothes, but just laughing it off!
We went to go spray it with workable fixative when a security guard gave us special permission to use the loading dock out back... we felt like VIPs.
He was quite the talker... but incredibly nice for helping us out.

Here's m final so far... it is 14ft long and 9ft tall. I'm starting to wish I did it a little bit smaller, but seeing as it's due next Friday... there's no going back now.   
Let me know what you guys think. I am stumped with what to do for the background! Any suggestions!??

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