Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spray It All Gold...

I sprayed an Arizona Ice Tea can gold today! I love Arizona Ice Tea and I love these funny glasses I got in 3D too!
Hello dear reader! It is currently nearing one of my favorite times in these 24 hours we call a day. And let me tell you--boy has it been a jam packed nonstop work work work day!  It starts off around 12:45 pm when I wake up. Now I know what you're all thinking... what a lazy bum, but just wait! I got dressed like the Flash, one of my favorite superheroes, ran all the way across campus (and by ran I mean walked rather briskly), and fortunately made it to 3D on time! For you see we went back to Flux Space and Art Making Machine where Rika has her studio and worked on assembling four large paper mache Falcon pinatas--thrilling I know. Even more thrilling was the fact that 3/4ths of my class left at 6 pm leaving 5 of us to stay there untill 10 when we finally finished everything! But I have to say I really enjoyed the space and hanging out with Paige 1, Paige 2, Greg, Maddie, and Stern! And I made a new friend in Zurksees the Art Making Machine's studio cat.  (And believe me, I'm not exactly a cat person so this was a pretty big win on  his part).  I then came back to main campus crammmmed into the backseat of Rika's car, along with 4 of my classmates. 
I thought my Catholic School friends from Harrisburg would appreciate this bus I saw parked outside of the SAC. It's the name of their school... only this ones in Philly...

Upon arriving back to campus I cleaned both the toilet and shower bathrooms because we are having a preliminary room check tomorrow! And let me just say-- my roommate and suite mates could do with enrolling in the "Ann Dunn School of Cleaning, Responsibility, and Household Chores".  Because if anyone could set them straight, it would be my mom. I have also been doing laundry periodically throughout the night just finishing my fourth, and last, load. I detest doing laundry #1-because there are never any machines available and #2-because I'm petrified my washers will never fully rinse (I had a bad experience right before I left for winter break)... Tonight my worst dreams came true when #2 occurred around 1 am  in machine 4.  But it'sok, my brother called and I talked to him for a while, which would account for why it is taking me so long to finish this post. But I love talking to him and it's always nice to hear what's going on his life. He's getting ready to graduate you know! But now, dear reader I think I'll let you go. For you see I have done all of this work and yet I have no time to rest. I have a 6 page English paper due tomorrow at 6 pm. And to date I only have an outline of my paper written. So until next time... stay positive. Relax. And I will talk to you soon.
Drawing Final progress as of last night... It's due Friday. 
Wish me luck. (I'm gonna need it.)


  1. dear james dunn:
    i miss you! i didn't get my daily dose of red-head yesterday. if you need help with your laundry let me know; the reason it doesn't rinse completely is because you're using too much detergent. it happened to me before. next time, call me amigo!

  2. dearest caitlin:
    i appreciate your concern for my laundry. It was you that was there for me when the fiasco of winter break '08 happened. And it was you that told me your sure-fire way of maintaining washed and rinsed laundry... and believe me when I tell you that I have been very careful not to use too much detergent. In fact the load in question (load Numero dos) was actually the one in which I used the least amount of detergent. I give up homie... i give up.

    Temple washing machines: 2
    James: 0