Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chinese and Joan...

Went to Temple Star late tonight while everyone else was busy doing things.  I actually have some of my fondest memories this year revolving around this little take-out place.  I always seem to have very insightful conversations with the people that walk there with me. Not to mention I really enjoy getting away from everything and just going for a walk, soaking in the hustle and bustle of Broad Street. And the food is affordable and delicious!

I had Sesame Chicken and fried rice, even though right after ordering I realized I should have gotten the pork lo mein.  It was still delicious though. I ate in 324 and watched about 5 episodes of Joan of Arcadia (best show ever!) while Alex eventually fell asleep. Cait came home and told me about the Dan Deacon concert. Twas Magical. 

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  1. i still have yet to go to temple star. that should be this week's project. project temple star. joan of arcadia is a ballin' show. we have to finish the rest of the season. also: the rainbows in the post above are magical. especially in juxtaposition with the gray sky.