Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alex to the Rescue...

Seriously though-- Alex is a godsend.  Anyone who meets me at the tech center in under 10 minutes after receiving a frantic phone call saying they lost everything and their video isn't uploading or reading and its due tomorrow and basically the world might as well end because I spent so much time on this thing and now I'm not even going to get to turn it it.... yeah, anyone that puts up with that, I mean me, should probably get some kind of Nobel Prize or something to that prestige.  Anyways-- I don't know what she did, but when in doubt call upon our friendly beautiful film major friend and she will make everything better.  She stayed up with me till 4 am and even bought me a cookie from the cookie truck!!! (SOOO GOOD!)  As a sign of my appreciation I bought her Star-bucks at the 24 hr one in the tech center and she introduced me to this passionfruit tea... We enjoyed a loverly stroll home from the tech center and then she said goodnight and I said hello to my art history test... Thank you Alex for being a lifesaver and an even better friend. =]

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