Sunday, April 19, 2009


Weird day-- Woke up around 10 am. Spent the night at Sarah's apartment in Kardin because I was too lazy to walk all the way back to my dorm.  

When I did manage to make it back to my room I showered and met up with the 324 gang (Caitlin, Alex, Mercedes, Mary, Julie, Christine, Corrie, Keiran, and Dee) 
and Malcolm and went to breakfast at J & H for Keiran's birthday brunch celebration.  
Waited in line wayyy too long for an omelet.  Ate said omelet. 

Went to the studio and worked on my drawing 
final for a good five hours... time flies when you're having fun. 
Went to Temple Star and ordered sweet and sour chicken.  Was undercharged 10 cents.
Befriended a homeless man who nicknamed me "Tim the tool man Taylor" because of my art box. Had some small talk with mad-eye-moody look-a-like.  Only he was black.  
He asked if his eye scared me. Half out of fear and half out of embarrassment for being called out I made up a quick story telling him he looked like my dad's friend "David". (Honestly, I don't know if my dad even knows anyone named Dave)

 The man (Holding a swiss arm knife, a rusty fork, and a wooden spoon... he called his "tools") proceeded to tell me he was my dad's friend Dave and that he thought he recognized me too! I should probably tell you now that I have never met this man in my life.  This is where it gets interesting. Dave asks if he scared me... I respond:  "A little man... I thought you died two years ago?" But Dave's quick on his feet and replies: " Oh I know man... it was a close one... really touch and go for a while there. But I made it." 

Moral of the story... he asked for $1.60 to catch the bus.  I was a little disturbed and slightly amused by my new "friend" so I gave him a dollar for his quick wit.  I mean he did hold the door open for me too.  What can I say, I guess the city of brotherly love is starting to rub off on me...

Picture of one of the cassowary heads in my drawing final...

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  1. hahahahahahaha. tim the tool man taylor.
    this man is clever. he's my new favorite homeless man!