Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feed the Birds-Tuppence a Bag!

-Currently blogging from one of the drawing studios. It's wayyyy past m bedtime. And while you may be surprised to hear me say such a thing... it's college--who has a bedtime?! I have one constant in my life where bedtimes reign supreme--when I am not exactly feeling 100% and sadly my dear readers, this is one of those days. Strike that... weeks.  

That's why I haven't been posting as often, but I'm trying desperately to get better! Have no fear I have become a professional when it comes to chugging OJ and have transitioned quite easily into my "sleeping sitting up so my nosed doesn't run or clog or stop working all together" position. Quite an accomplishment come to think of it! 
In the meantime... here is my furthest progress on my drawing final (due in 4 days!?!!!) I finally buckled down and started my actual self... any thoughts?!

Side Note: I'm getting ready to pack up and head home during my favorite time on campus!!!

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