Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hookah with Queen Hatshepsut

Sunny today! It was absolutely beautiful outside. I even got my schedule squared away for next semester... 17 credits of pure chaos and stress that I will most likely hate until the end of the semester when I won't want it to end.   But back to today... after getting my schedule set up I went to hang out on the grass outside of J&H.
Sarah and Steve came to hookah with Alison, Meredith, and Hanan.  I had some sushi for lunch. And then went off to Mosaics to give my group presentation on the poems of the Daodejing... fyi: this book has potential to be very interesting... however, I have to read and analyze it in class making it almost unbearable.
Alison and Hanan were playing Apples to Apples and drawing circles.
Straight from Hawaii: Mer and her Hookah: Queen Hatshepsut...
Sarah and I are "spicy" according to Apples to Apples...
It was a wonderful day...
Presently watching Reservoir Dogs with Alex 
and drawing some large flightless birds for my drawing final.

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