Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Scream. You Scream...

The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavor to bewhat you desire to appear. -Socrates
I think Socrates was a pretty ridiculous guy.  Intelligent as hell... but ridiculous and crazy beyond belief.  We were learning about him a few weeks ago in Mosaics (English for all you non-Temple Folk). He was pretty bad-ass. He got an entire city to follow him and believe in his teachings. And he did it all without writing a single thing down.  Everything we know was written by others, mostly his students.  Sometimes I wish I had a students... hey I's settle for an overbearing obsessive friend, as long as they'd care enough about what I had to say to write every word of it down.  On second thought, I say some pretty absurd things... 
Had dinner with Sarah and Sarah today. Cheesesteaks are glorious.  It was rainy... all day.  I spent most of it in bed writing an outline for my English paper.  I turned in said essay at 4:40. Took a huge amount of craft paper from one of the foundation studios for my drawing project. I'm actually really excited about it, Sarah and Sarah were extremely helpful.  Watched some more Joan of Arcadia season two. Seriously, if you have not looked it up recently, GET ON THAT! It is that good. Seriously.  Drew on Julie. Brianne and Cait fell asleep as I watched our third episode before I decided it was time for bed too.  Which brings me here... writing this longer-than-expected post.  I have to say, looking back on it... nothing really eventful occurred today, but for some reason I'm really happy with how the day went. I'm happy with how my friends see me. I'm happy with how I see myself. And for today, that seems like enough.  And in retrospect, I think that's what Socrates was getting at don't you?

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