Monday, April 20, 2009

Chim Chim Cheree...

Current Status: Chimney Sweep.  

-Stayed up all night writing my art history. 
Aka: pulled an all nighter procrastinating, watching an assortment of youtube videos, and eventually around 5 am buckling down and comparing Caravaggio to Durer.
All in all my paper was ok... actually I think it was pretty good. I tied in David Choe and I kind of surprised myself with how persuasive I managed to make the argument out to be.  
Finished paper at 7 am. Closed my eyes... mistake. 
Woke up at 9 am. Class started at 8:40. Got to Art History at 9:15... class ends at 9:30. 
Turned in paper... awkward.  
2D class from 1-6. Dragged... unusually long today. 
We are making stencils though, so that's exciting.  Showed Allison my drawing final. 
Went to a meeting about a student run art show opening on my birthday. Saw Kiersten there. Worked on drawing final for two and a half hours.  
Walked home in the rain. I love the rain. 
I don't love people starring at me because I have charcoal/pastels on my face. 
Missed dinner... mistake #2. Bed... I'm beat.
The black in the wings on the Ostrich and Cassowaries is such a pain to do. And gets everything messy...