Thursday, April 23, 2009


P.S.  -My sister is finally coming to visit me!!!!!!!! This is going to be the first time she visits me at school! The first time she's been to Temple! Been to Philly without adult supervision! The first time she's ever ridden the train (I think)!!! 
And she's coming to visit me! I feel so special! I called Mike and we are planning on having a late dinner on Saturday night, just the three of us... catching up and having a wonderful time!!!!! I'm so excited! So tomorrow she will board the 3 o'clock train with Caitlin's brother, Drew, and arrive in Philadelphia around 2 hours later! I have Drawing till 6... but Cait's going to pick her up/sign her in/introduce her to Philadelphia/friends/Temple! I am jumping off walls and telling complete strangers she's coming! That's how much I miss her!!!! 

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