Monday, April 13, 2009

Little Jimmy. Little Lauren.

So today I had 2D class as usual... It was a little weird getting back into the swing of things since being home for the weekend.  I really had a very nice Easter with my family.  I don't think I realize how much I appreciate them until I go back to visit. 

Back to today... I slept in and skipped art history. I know I know... not a good habit, but I stayed up the entire night watching Joan of Arcadia Season 2 and doing my 2D sketchbook and color swatch project. So it was a legit excuse.  Anyways, I found out he didn't even send around the sign in sheet! So I don't have to worry and on top of that Katie Murken was really understanding and helpful with my color swatch project.  It's weird... I seem to draw a blank on what to do, but the minute I step into that classroom a bajillion ideas come swarming into my mind.  Not exactly a bad problem to have... 

Side Note: My siblings are quite possibly my favorite people of all time.  

Pictured: Laur and I on the old swing set circa 1994. 

Fun Fact: I almost lost my eye to a wasp sting I received while on this very swing set.  My mom put a giant T-bone on my face while dad went out and got rid of the nest... oh memories.

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