Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Loaded Tots...

DINNER AT THE SAC!!!!!!!! Keiran was there... as were Christine, Mercedes, Julie, Corrie, and Alex.  It was sooo crowded we ended up sitting in this booth with two tables pushed together in the main dinning hall atrium thingy that we never eat at.  I like eating by the windows... I like to watch people pass by as I eat.  I'm a people watcher...
Caitlin, Merchadaze, and I went to Nathan's Hot Dogs and got some tots and dogs... it was, a unique dinning experience. Who knew loaded dogs and tots came in so many possibilities?!
Pictured: My dinner: Plain dog + American Loaded Tots 
(Aka: Tots with BBQ sauce, onion rings, and bacon)
(Akaka: One giant clogged artery) 
Caitlin ate with us too... here she is showing off her loaded dog. She should probably look into modeling...

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  1. i am ridiculously good-looking.
    also; i saw both of those updates. apparently i stalk harder than you.